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The Catcher in the Rye Final Assessment

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A girl named Phoebe Caulfield, Holden’s sister, showed concern about her brother. One night she said to him, “You don’t like anything that’s happening” (Salinger, 169), and when he responded, “Yes I do. Sure I do” (Salinger, 169), she challenged him. She told him, “Name one thing” (Salinger, 169), and was concerned when he answered, after a long pause, “I like Allie” (Salinger, 169). Allie is Holden’s late brother, and Phoebe was worried to hear that the only thing her brother likes about this world is something that isn’t even there anymore.
That same night, Phoebe witnessed something else that concerned her. When asked about this incident, Holden reports, “All of a sudden, I started to cry. I couldn’t help it. I scared hell out of old Phoebe when I started doing it, and she came over and tried to make me stop, but once you get started, you can’t just stop on a gaddam dime” (Salinger, 179). This event worried Phoebe, because she couldn’t understand why Holden started crying for no reason. The only reason she could think of was that he was just extremely sad, and so she decided he needed help.
Another person named Mr. Antolini also showed concern for his former student,…

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Catcher in the Rye- Holden as a Dynamic Character Essay example

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Alexa Noelle
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27 March 2012
Analysis of Holden Caulfield Throughout the novel The Catcher in the Rye Holden sees the world as an evil and corrupt place, however it is clear that he gradually comes to the conclusion he cannot change it. The first instance demonstrating Holden’s progression is when he sees the profanity written all over Phoebe’s school. In this moment he finally understands that it is inevitable to enter adulthood and realizes the impossibility to try to rid even half of the profanity within the world if given a million years. The first majority of the novel displays Holden’s pessimistic view on everything in life and his desire to contain the innocence he has left. Holden’s evolution as a…show more content…

It seems that Holden is finally coming to the conclusion that every child will have to fall at some point and he is accepting of that. This part of the novel is significant because it is one of the first moments that a reader can clearly note that Holden seems to change his original mindset from the beginning. Reaching the very end of the novel there are several events that lead up to the conclusion that Holden evolves as a dynamic character. The last few contributions include Holden sitting in the rain while Phoebe goes on the carousel, and finally when readers learn Holden must have entered some sort of a mental institution. While waiting for Phoebe he sits on a bench as it starts raining and thinks to himself, “My hunting hat really gave me quite a lot of protection, in a way, but I got soaked anyway. I didn’t care, though.”(Salinger 213). One of the symbolic objects Holden keeps throughout the novel is the hat because it is comforting and gives him the feeling of protection. In this particular part of the novel it is clear that the hat can no longer protect him from entering the adult world. An English novelist Malcolm Bradbury expresses his opinion when writing, “Some seem to suggest a role for Holden in relation to childhood—he can be a catcher in the rye, the adult who is the protector of childish innocence. Over these episodes, Holden obviously develops and his attitudes change. He is hunting for his own

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