Woodland Community Center Corporation Case Study

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When: Monday-Thursday  9:00 am-8:00 pm, Friday 9:00 am-1:00 pm

Where: Writing Center – Room 115  |  Math Center – Room 120

How: Tutors are available online or in person (walk-in or by appointment). Students are strongly encouraged to make an appointment in order to guarantee services. To make an appointment, call 530.661.5733 or visit the centers.

Contact: For more information, contact Caroline Prieto at cprieto@yccd.edu or call (530) 661-5733.

Our History

In the fall of 1975 Woodland offered courses in an outreach program. In 1981 the California Postsecondary Education Commission labeled Woodland as an official education center.

In 1990, Woodland Center (now Woodland Community College) relocated to its current 120 acres (49 ha) parcel of land. In 1999 Yuba Community College District notified its intent for Woodland Center to become a self-sufficient community college, the same year that a Child Development center was opened on campus. The next year the district received the approval from the State Chancellor’s office to begin Woodland Center’s process of being a comprehensive college.

Documents of Historical Significance:

1977 Needs Assessment and Feasibility Study for Woodland Center (pdf, 37mb)

Significance: Provides background information regarding the development of
Woodland Community College (previously known as Woodland Center). This study recommended to the Board of Trustees of Yuba Community College District begin
a process to obtain a permanent site for what would become Woodland Community College.

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