Management Information Systems Class Assignments On Culture

If you are organized and analytical and interested in playing a role in company management, a career in Management Information Systems (MIS) could be right for you.

MIS is a planned system of collecting, processing, storing and giving out data in the form of information needed to carry out the functions of a company’s management team. It involves analyzing computer-stored data relating to employees, business documents, technologies and procedures and using that data to aid in business decision-making processes.

This career field is made up of a unique blend of computer system and business knowledge. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, employment of computer and information systems managers is expected to grow faster than average through the year 2016.

OCCC provides a strong foundation in management information systems with excellent transfer to the University of Oklahoma and other four-year colleges and universities.

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MIS 5503Management Information SystemsCredit: 1.5

A survey of topics concerning information technology management in the twenty-first century. The course examines information technologies as they influence the structure and processes of organizations, and economies, and as they influence the roles and techniques of management.

MIS 5523Technology and AnalyticsCredits: 2

Students study information technology in support of analytical processing in the modern organization. Databases, data warehouses, data mining, data integrity, decision support, and knowledge management applications will be covered.

MIS 5529Decision Support SystemsCredits: 3

Information systems to support decision makers in organizations. This course focuses on influences of cognitive biases and group think on decision makers. Identification of both potential uses of information technology to support decision makers and potential effects of information technology on the decision making processes, and may include a number of computer-oriented assignments.

MIS 5540Information Technology as a Strategic ToolCredits: 2

This course examines the critical linkage between an organization's business, cultural, and information technology (IT) strategies. In organizations today, information technology has become a key component in accomplishing strategic and operational goals. The course provides concepts and a framework for understanding and enhancing the role IT can play in innovation, change, and continuous organizational learning.

Prerequisites: Admission to the Executive MBA program.

MIS 5552Data Base ManagementCredits: 3

Data administration, including theory of relational databases and projects using relational data management packages. The course looks at data modeling and information engineering, entity-relationship modeling, database design, normalization, data dictionaries, distributed databases, database servers, data quality assurance, data integrity, SQL, and may include a number of computer-oriented assignments.

MIS 5554Systems Analysis, Design And EngineeringCredits: 3

This course introduces tools for documenting information system requirements and design and implementation methods; organization of software projects; system specifications, doumentation and diagramming standards;programming languages and methodology; costs and schedule estimation, project management; program verification,and internal control issues.

MIS 5558Management of Information TechnologyCredits: 3

Topics to be covered include procurement and management of computer systems, economics of hardware and software, software acquisition, RFQs, RFPs, contract terms and conditions, end-user computing.;capacity planning, contribution of computing to business objectives, control, audit, and security of information technology; legal and ethical perspectives; and international issues.

MIS 5587Special TopicsCredits: 3

This course is designed to facilitate one of two purposes: an initial offering of a new course (prior to formal approval) or an initial and possible only offering of new topics.

MIS 5597Independent StudyCredits: 1-6

Independent study and research in areas of special interest under individual faculty direction.

MIS 5899Required Graduate EnrollmentCredit: 1

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