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First, I talk on Social Media which has been famous from several years. Social Media became most fastest and popular instrument to communicate together. Therefore, people take it as fruitful and profitable source to spread their thoughts and ideas. Especially electronic social media is performing main role with their features; Facebook one of these, it makes an easiest global communication chain and remove the distance between far peoples. Twitter, Whatsapp, Imo, Skype are also the application producing a network together.

Let’s talk about online business, obviously everyone want to save their time and risk as well specially business class. Online shopping covers both factors very bluntly that’s how it’s being popular in the business people. But in it some disadvantages are most probably noticed general; such that Online company do not fulfill customers desire as they mentioned on their websites, limited specification are   having, etc which somehow make customers disappointed.

i have submitted it but not sure.

ENG201 Assignment 1 Solution - Business and Technical English Writing


Question 1: -

Xelleration Software House

86, Main Boulevard Gulshan-e-Ravi

 Lahore, Pakistan 54500

November 17, 2011                                       

Customer Relations

ABC Software Company

05 First Floor Hafeez center,

Main Boulevard, Gulberg III

Lahore, Pakistan 54000

Dear Customer Relations:

I am a systems engineer at Xelleration Software House developing a new client-server net database system for two non-profit corporations.

My team is considering using your new release of Omega Database Plus 1.0 as a key part of the system. If we incorporate your product into our design, our clients will need to purchase at least a total of 140 copies your software. vu zs

We have read promotional material and are very interested in using your product. We need, however, the answers of the following questions before we can decide whether or not to use Omega Database Plus:

  1. Are you still planning to release the Omega Database Plus Version 1.0 on September 19, 2012?
  2. What LAN environments will your product support?
  3. Will your product support PGP encryption?

I would be happy to talk to you further about your product. You can call me at (+92323-xxxxxxx) or e-mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Sincerely,      www.vuzs.info
Hafiz Umair Ghani
Senior System Engineer

Question 2: -

  1. If I would have known about the party, I would have gone to it.

If I had known about the party, I would have gone to it.

  1. I never would of thought that he’d behave like that.

I never would have thought that he’d behave like this.

  1. Its going to be sunny tomorrow.

It’s going to be sunny tomorrow.

  1. Poetry isn't dead it's alive and well.

Poetry isn’t dead; obstinate, it’s alive and well.

  1. I look forward to meet you.

I am looking forward to see you.

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