Homework Calendars For 4th Grade

4th Grade


Weekly Homework


4th grade students are assigned less than an hour of homework, Monday through Thursday evenings. Daily homework should be recorded in your child’s agenda book. In addition, independent reading for a minimum of 20 minutes each day is required.  This reading is to be recorded on student reading log. Homework will posted online in advance of each week, for both the student and the parent's convenience. Please feel free to cross reference posted homework in the event that your child is absent or forgets to write it down during class.

Monthly calendars will be posted online, and a copy should be in your child’s homeroom section of their binder. 

Thank you for helping your child be a responsible and organized student. 


Please click on the links below:



Homework Week of Feb. 5 - Feb. 9 


February Calendar



Homework Key to frequently used abbreviations

HR – Homeroom

LA – Language Arts

SS – Social Studies

SCI – Science  

Txbk - Textbook


Wkst - Worksheet

D - Mrs. Duffy

G - Mrs. Gregg

M - Mrs. Matthews


Leave all “Packets” in the subject section of the binder.

Empty the back pocket of your binder daily.






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