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Summarize vs. Paraphrase Identify the thesis statement of this essay. The thesis statement of “Binge Drinking, A Campus Killer” as presented in the essay would be: “For some of today’s college students, binge drinking has become the norm.” Compose a summary in your own words on what the main idea of the essay is. According to my understanding of the essay, I would conclude a summary of the following: Binge drinking has become a major problem with many college students on campus. This is due to many colleges’ campuses that avoid looking at the issues of fraternity and sorority that participate in parties that feels like drinking is the best way to have fun. In order to cut down on binge drinking on college campuses is to get more teachers, deans, and campuses security to get more involve with their students. This can be through meetings and counseling’s, to discuss the

Unformatted text preview: <http://www.offthewall.com/articles/backdated_bin_RobertFrost_archive.html>. The article is listed with the date May 8, 2003, but you found it on January 4, 2004. Robert Frost: A Reader Response Perspective. (2004, January 1). Retrieved from http://www.offthewall.com/articles/backdated_bin_RobertFrost_archive.htm 4. An article written by James E. Cook and titled Alexander Hamilton. The article appears on pages 31 and 32 of the World Book Encyclopedia, Volume 9, published in 1996. Alexander Hamilton . (1996). In J. E. Cooks (Ed.), The World Book encyclopedia (Vol. 9, pp. 31, 32). 5. A book written by Magdalena Dabrowski and Rudolph Leopold and titled Egon Schiele. The book was published in 1997 by the Yale University Press in New Haven, Connecticut. Dabrowski, M., & Leopold, R. (1997). Egon Schiele . New Haven, CO: Yale University Press....
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