Montclair State University Essay Word Limit For Personal Statement

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What do I need to submit in order to complete an application?

A:  In order to apply, you must submit the following:

  1. Online application
  2. Application fee
  3. Complete and submit the Essay/Personal Statement
  4. All official college transcripts

Students with less than 30 college-level credits also must submit an official high school transcript.

Q:  Do D grades transfer to Montclair State?

A:  Generally no; only grades of C- or better are accepted in transfer. However, there are two exceptions:
       1. When a D grade is earned as part of a New Jersey Associate's degree (A.A., A.S.)
       2. When the D grade is earned as the first course in a two-term sequence of courses and the second course within the sequence has a C-              grade or better.

Q:  The college from which I'm transferring operates on a quarter-hour system.  How do courses transfer in this circumstance?

A:  Students receive 2/3 of a Montclair State credit hour for each quarter hour earned elsewhere. This equation does not result in the loss of transfer credits.
Q:  How will I know how many credits will transfer to Montclair State?

A:  At Montclair State, we try our best to ensure that most credits transfer provided they are from a regionally accredited college/university.  For your own reference, we do not give credit for basic skills courses, ESL courses lower than level 100, or courses where the earned grade is lower than a C-.
Q:  How many credits can I transfer?

A:  If you are transferring from a regionally accredited 4-year institution, we do not currently limit the number of credits you may transfer.  Keep in mind, though, that you will need to complete a minimum of 32 credits at Montclair State in order to receive a Montclair degree.
If you are transferring from a regionally accredited two-year institution (community college) or two-year program, you may transfer up to 60 credits toward your Bachelor’s degree.  
Q:  Are courses in which I received grades of “P” (pass), “CR” (credit) or “S” (satisfactory) accepted in transfer?

A:  Generally, courses taken with grades of “P”, “CR”, or “S” are accepted at full credit value provided they are college level credits (100 or higher) from your previous school.
Q:  Is my grade point average (GPA) from my previous college transferred to Montclair State?

A:  No, only credits are transferred from your previous college(s).
Q:  I took a CLEP test at my other college.  Will Montclair State accept CLEP scores?

A:  Students who earn CLEP credits through another college must submit official test scores to Montclair State in order to receive credit.  (Please note:  If the CLEP credits contributed to the completion of an AA or AS degree from a NJ Community College and appear on the official college transcript, test scores are not required.)
Q:  I took AP courses in high school. Will Montclair State accept my AP scores?

A:  Students who took AP courses in high school must submit official test scores to Montclair State in order to receive credit.

Q.  Can I receive an evaluation of my transfer credits before I am admitted?

A.  Due to the large volume of transfer applications received, we are unable to conduct credit evaluations prior to a student being admitted.  The evaluation will be completed about 10 business days after admission and is available prior to paying an admissions deposit. 

Q:  Can I choose "undeclared" as my major on my application?

A: Students who enter Montclair State University with less than 45 credits may apply as Undeclared majors. However, students with 45 or more credits cannot apply Undeclared and must declare a major.

Q:  Will I need to take placement tests again?

A:  Generally students arriving on campus with 24 or more college-level credits are exempt from taking the Math/English placement tests.  However, certain majors that require higher-level math courses may require further testing.  Also, if you have not successfully completed at least (1) foreign language course in college and/or your only experience with foreign language was at the high school level, you will be required to take a Foreign Language placement test.
Q:  I'm enrolled in a New Jersey Community College, and I am transferring to Montclair State.  Is there a website that describes how courses will transfer?

A:  Yes. Visit

Freshman Admission Standards

Montclair State University considers a number of factors in reviewing admissions applications. Well-qualified candidates for admission have a 3.2 or higher cumulative high school GPA on an un-weighted, 4.0 scale, a challenging course load (particularly in junior and senior years), and a variety of extracurricular activities. Submission of SAT or ACT scores is not required, but, if you chose to submit those scores, they will be considered in the admissions process.

Applicants for admission are expected to complete a minimum of 16 units of college preparatory courses as follows:

  • Four units of English.
  • Three units of mathematics (including Algebra, Geometry and Algebra II).
  • Two units of the same foreign language.
  • Two units of a laboratory science.
  • Two units of social sciences.
  • Three additional units in any of the subject areas listed.

Students are recognized in the admissions process for pursuing a challenging curriculum beyond the minimum requirements including:

  • Mathematics beyond Algebra II.
  • A third or fourth year of the same foreign language.
  • Honors courses.
  • Laboratory science beyond chemistry.
  • Advanced Placement courses.

Other factors considered in our holistic review process include: strong letters of recommendation from teachers and/or counselors; a well-written, thoughtful admissions essay; and a commitment to extracurricular engagement, both in school and in the community.

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