Scripps Ranch High School Newspaper Assignments

This school has nice test scores and many kids have high grades, but a student will find themselves unhappy here because of the community. People here aren't very welcoming and they're very judge mental. I wouldn't say that the school should take credit for making the kids smarter, which is providing high SAT scores etc, but it's the kids themselves that do the work. Students here are very competitive and have drive, and a lot of them also have outside-of-school tutors because they can afford it. There are good teachers, but then of course there will be bad ones. The 'bad' ones are usually lazy, they don't really like to teach they kids and give them a better understanding of the material. The good teachers are usually hands-on and are fun to be around. The counselors are nice but from my experience with my counselor, she treated me poorly when my grades were low but once I raised them up she treated me with respect like everyone else. She also told private information about my grades to another student, who was related to me, yet I feel that was an invasion of privacy and that she shouldn't have done that. Most of the faculty is nice, the lunch staff is sweet. The women in the office are horrible and have no patience at all and are constantly rude to the kids. The nurse is often rude as well and makes smart remarks towards the students. The security guard and officer for this school are pretty nice people. I would say go to this school if you're looking for colleges to see you went to a High school with good test scores, etc. I wouldn't however recommend this school because again, the kids are just mean. They're judge mental and there's a lot of cliques. Of course there are a few nice people here and there, but majority of the people are stuck up.

Scripps Ranch High School



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Period 5 -AP Rhetoric aka AP Lang and Comp

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