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202-“Get Yourself a 30-Footer and Go!” How To Build a Lifestyle of Freedom Through Sailing, Self-Publishing, and TEOTWAWKI Escape Plans: Interview with Matthew Bracken, Author of “Enemies Foreign and Domestic

My guest today is a author named Matthew Bracken. Matthew is a sailor, writer, and former Navy Seal. He’s the author of four novels (all of which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed.)

Most importantly for our purposes, he is an expert on the topic of achieving a lifestyle of freedom through sailing.

He wrote an excellent essay called “Get Yourself a 30-Footer and Go!” which advocates a quick entry into the sailing world as a way to build economic opportunity for yourself.

During the course of the interview, we cover three primary topics:

  1. How to go about getting started in sailing and how quickly it’s possible to achieve a lifestyle of freedom.
  2. Matt’s experience establishing himself as an independent, self-published novelist in the semi-dystopian genre.
  3. The potential impact of societal changes and how to prepare for them.

Enjoy the show!



Matthew Bracken is a patriot from the Free Republic forums and former Navy SEAL who has written several self published novels.

  • Enemies Foreign and Domestic
  • Domestic Enemies: The Reconquista
  • Foreign Enemies and Traitors

Bracken's novels are part of a recent glut of self-published apocalypse fiction incorporating libertarian, populist, survivalist, xenophobic and ultra-conservative themes and rhetoric. Bracken is strictly a conservative, although due to the genre he is writing in his books are unfortunately read by the same people who eagerly devour the obscure novels by John Ross, Neo Andersen, Boston T. Party, David Crawford and James Wesley Rawles. The typical reader of this sort of fiction is someone with libertarian leanings who doesn't entirely "get" libertarianism (especially its non-violent aspects, its liberal positions on social issues, and its wonky roots in Austrian economic theory), and conflates it on several points with militarism, nationalism and nativism.

In short, Mr. Bracken can be called the lobotomized racist's attempt to mimic Tom Clancy. He knows his audience and knows how to push all their patriotic, flag waving, paranoid, anti-Mexican, anti-Muslim, nationalist, violence-fetishist buttons. A key piece of evidence is in those dumb book titles. "Enemies", "foreign" and "traitors" are spat out as epithets and the order simply rearranged for each new book.

On the positive side, at least Bracken's novels give these people something to read other than The Turner Diaries, and giving someone one less reason to read The Turner Diaries is probably doing society a favor, however small.


Each of his novels has pretty much the same plot, with the details rearranged for each one:

  • Enemies Foreign and Domestic: the lie-beral government orchestrates a false-flag shooting spree at a stadium as an excuse to take away everyone's guns.
  • Domestic Enemies: The Reconquista: the lie-beral government is allowing Mexicans to flood over the border and enforce Spanish-only as the official language before seceding from the US.
  • Foreign Enemies and Traitors: the lie-beral government brings in foreign soldiers to enforce law and order after an earthquake and starts relocating survivors to FEMA "refugee centers".
  • All of them: this causes a crisis and America breaks apart. Civil rights violations and infringements on liberty always come from the left, never from the right. Middle-aged military combat veterans and patriotic cops (they're always middle aged, can't trust those damn kids, and they're always combat veterans and cops) fight back, underground style, and save America.

That's it. We just saved you twenty dollars.

The novels have just enough patriotic flag waving and "pro-veteran/cop" content to keep conservatives hooked, and just enough anti-government and anti-police-abuse sentiment to keep libertarian readers on board. Neither Bracken nor his readers appear to spot the contradiction.

Suggested titles for future books in the series[edit]

  • Foreign Traitors and Domestic Enemy Foreigners
  • Foreigners: Domestic and Enemy
  • Treason and Domestic Foreign Enemies
  • Foreigners: Foreign and Foreign
  • Foreigners: Nuke Them, It's the Only Way to Be Sure

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