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Evaluate any type of assignment, in any subject.

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Grade student PowerPoint® presentations ‘live.’



Create a custom library of comments to teach
abstract concepts.



Review students’ thought processes as they calculate their answers.



Standardize feedback among teaching assistants.


Visual Arts

Personalize feedback to stimulate creative minds.


No Submission? No Problem!

Sometimes, it just isn’t possible for students to “submit” their work—when the assignment is a dance performance or a music recital, for instance. Turnitin allows instructors to use special grading templates to evaluate students’ work without a file submission.


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  When I first taught statistics, I used a similar method to the one you describe for exams: download, print, take, scan, upload. But for several reasons I'd like to use Canvas functionality to improve that model. I'm going to try a setup where students can skip steps 1 and 2 but just copy down the problems they need to solve by hand. They will answer most questions directly into Canvas, but at the end they will have to upload some pages with work. At least this eliminates the printing step. But, with about 30 sub-parts to the exam, I have to enter points for each item that has been created as an "Essay" type question. It would seem to work to either have default points entered at the start or to allow fudge points to actually count (i.e. not continue to show the dreaded Q in the gradebook). I definitely think there are several steps that could be implemented to speed the grading of these types of problems (including multi-part problems within question creation).

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