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Piece together Kidman's past in The Assignment DLC for The Evil Within using our complete collectibles guide, showing you how to solve every puzzle and crack every safe.

Grab all eight letter scraps to piece together a final secret message in this DLC, finally offering up a few answers to the twisty events surrounding The Evil Within and its brain-centric story. Kidman's role finally makes a little more sense, and all the Personnel Files and Audio Logs provide more details into her past and the mysterious Mobias organization. Get all the clues before the second part comes out -- scroll down for hints and tips revealing every collectible location in The Assignment.

Find even more hidden goods and pull extra hours out of Resident Evil: Revelations 2 -- browse the complete Episode 3 collectibles guide and prepare for the explosive finale.

The Assignment - Complete Collectibles Guide

Note: Safe codes are randomized.

When hunting for Letter Scraps, look for locked safes in the environment. There are several types of puzzles you'll need to solve to open them; a finger print number key puzzle, an alternating light puzzle, and a pattern puzzle.

Collect all eight scraps to complete the hidden letter and unlock the "A Warning" trophy / achievement.

Search for Mobius symbols to find secrets. Mobius symbols are black or red spray-painted markings with stars and a nail. Sometimes these symbols are incomplete. Look for statues to shine your flashlight onto to match the complete Mobius icon.

Chapter 1: The Oath - Collectible Locations

Personnel File #1: At the start of the first chapter, Kidman will drop into a cave after being attacked by a Haunted cop. Down the path, watch for a branching road on the right. There's a chair in the dead end with the first file.

Audio Tape #1: This tape is hard to miss. After leaving the pristine Mobius facility, you'll go down a hallway with a dead body in the center. The tape is right next to the body. Picking it up will trigger the Haunted to attack.

Letter Scrap #1: Entering a well-lit room with lockers, you'll need to move a pushcart to exit. Before exiting, look on the table to the right. Press the keys from thickest blood finger-print to the lightest.

Letter Scrap #2: After escaping the creepy spotlight monster, you'll eventually reach a larger two-story room with stairs leading down to double-doors where two Haunted patrol around cubicles. Before going downstairs, look in the blocked hallway past the windowed rooms. There's a crawlspace here. The safe is on the coffee table inside. The code is written on the paintings.

Audio Tape #2: When Kidman reaches a wall with the Mobius symbol, she'll need to shine her flashlight on the statue on the right to complete the image. The wall disappears to reveal double-doors -- check the back left corner for another red Mobius symbol. Shine light on it until a desk appears with the tape.

Letter Scrap #3: In the bottom floor of the Biometrics wing, Kidman needs to kick down a ladder then avoid blind exploding cadavers. From the ladder, sneak right and you'll encounter a cadaver blocking the path forward. Sneak right of that cadaver to find another ladder. Climb up to find another safe. Light up all the squares to unlock it.

Personnel File #2: Look on the desk in the brain scanner office of Biometrics. This is the last device Kidman needs to use before she can activate the bridge hand-scanner.

Letter Scrap #4: In the massive room where Leslie ran through that's accessed after using the hand-scanner, go upstairs and to the cubicles on the left to find a safe. Continue forward on the left office level to find a light shining on red squares -- follow the pattern and light up the corresponding squares on the safe to open it. Shine your light on the red squares to reveal the correct pattern.

Audio Tape #3: From the same large office room, head down the stairs in the back-right. In the basement, look to the left of the double doors to spot this chapter's final collectible.

Chapter 2: Crossing Paths - Collectible Locations

Audio Tape #4: In the sewers, Kidman will encounter invisible stalkers that only become visible in her flashlight beam. Kill the first in the water, then kill the second in the storeroom upstairs. There's a metal gate you need to open with a crank wheel -- ignore it for now and enter the office door to the left of the crank. The tape is on a desk inside.

Letter Scrap #5: After falling into the sewer and shooting the swarm of Haunted and Cadavers that attack, Kidman will crawl out of the debris. There's a ladder on a pillar to the back-right of the room. Climb up and look on the pillar to the right of the catwalk with your flashlight to reveal a code.

Letter Scrap #6: In the sewers, Kidman will need to collect three plugs to power the exit door. Climbing down from the circuit board, look for a wall marked with a red Mobius symbol. Reveal the secret pipe and climb up the ladder to find a safe. Shine Kidman's flashlight on the red squares opposite the safe to reveal the code.

Audio Tape #5: Following the plug sequence, Kidman will enter a square-shaped sparse room with a long hallway and a drop to the left. Before dropping down, check the yellow barrels in the back-right corner to grab an audio tape.

Audio Tape #6: Kidman chases Joseph to a circular stairwell. There's a save point at the bottom of the steps. Up the stairs, pass the first door on the left to find a secret Mobius symbol. Open it with the flashlight, then turn the statue on the right once. Shine your light on the pointer-like symbol and back up to complete a second Mobius symbol. The tape appears in the small alcove.

Personnel File #3: Returning to the creepy old town, Kidman appears in her family's house. Leaving the first room, go down the hall to the right. There's a creepy shadow pointing, but nobody is in the chair -- instead, there's a personnel file.

Letter Scrap #7: Outside the house, follow the stone wall left to a dead-end gate. This is where Sebastian first entered the statue square. There's a wooden platform covered in crates. Smash the crates to reveal a hidden safe. Light up all the squares to unlock the safe.

Audio Tape #7: Past the statue puzzle, Kidman will crawl through a stone passage. There's a save point with three hanging body bags. The audio tape is to the right of the chair.

Letter Scrap #8: Reunited with Leslie, Kidman reaches a strange room with circular pipes on the left. Check out the pipes in the back of the room to discover the final safe. This is another bloody finger-print puzzle, just press the bottoms from most-thick to least-thick.

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Complete Run Achievements
First Step into Darkness: Complete the game on Casual difficulty.
Casual difficulty is the equivalent of easy mode. You will benefit from auto aim to the enemy heads or chests and ammo will be substantial. XP also comes in greater quantities. If you want to make it through the game without any headaches, this mode is for you! It is also recommended (but not mandatory) for grinding in NG+ for obvious XP reasons, and for the speedrun (Gold The Quick and the Dead) for even more obvious reasons.
Completing this mode will unlock:
  • The machine gun
  • The rocket launcher
  • A 50000 XP bonus
  • Character gallery (3D models for the fans!)
  • New game+ (chapter replay and cumulative stats)
  • Nightmare Mode
Another Day on the Job: Complete the game on Survival difficulty.
You wanted to plat a survival horror game? This is where it begins. Survival difficulty is the hardest you can start at. Even if you have played Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Dead Space and The Last Of Us, this will be a great experience! You will run out of ammo often, good tactics and strategies will be paramount and you will get your♥♥♥♥♥kicked many times anyway (unless you are a true pmg).
Finishing this difficulty first will unlock all mentioned in First Step into Darkness, as well as the latter. It will also unlock the infamous Akumu mode you need for You Asked For It.
Master of Horror: Complete the game on Nightmare difficulty.
Completing this mode will grant you the brass knuckles, so you can go on punching to death all those monsters who irritated you. Unfortunately, extra items only carry on to NG+, and you will have to start a whole new game for Akumu mode, so this extraordinary item can't help you for what is to come.
You Asked For It: Finish the game on 悪夢(AKUMU) mode.
This is as brutal as it gets in a survival horror game. One hit of any origin will terminate you where you stand.
This is the ultimate trial the game offers, and you won't make it through without a good knowledge of the game content. Learn where your enemies are and how they react. Know where you will find ammo. Upgrade your skills wisely. Forget about honor and run away as much as possible. And if you can't have your hand still and keep missing shots, you are history. You will need steady hands and nerves of steel to make it through.
To help furthermore, I'll mention that any health related upgrade is totally useless. Focus your green gel spendings on Stamina and matches first, as you will have to evade a lot and conserve ammo for the real deal fights. Not only do you need guts to undertake this, but patience is key here, as you will probably die and retry like never before... We bid thee farewell and good luck!
Note: There is, obviously more to it to beating Akumu than this, but that makes up an all new guide, that does not fit in this little space. I chose not to include much information about this because there are already good guides on steam, you can use them. If you still think it`s not enough, you can find here[] a good reference guide. Akumu is about skill there is not much more to be said, read some strategies, rethink your own and go for it!
The Quick and the Dead: Finish the game with a clear time of under 5:00:00.
If your playstyle is to go through everything as fast as possible and run away from every optional enemy, then this trophy should be a breeze. It's basically about getting away from fights whenever you can, rushing through the levels for the various keys/remarkable items they contain, solving the riddles instantly, and slaying the bosses efficiently. As long as you do not attempt this on your first set of runs, it shouldn't be too much of an hassle. Knowing what to do will make you gain precious minutes. Else, always remember you can reload your file or the automatic save to train and make your mistakes right.
This can really be easier than it sounds, as it can be done on any difficulty (including casual) and you get the opportunity to perform this speedrun on NG+. This way you can benefit from any upgrades and weapons you earned previously. Just go to chapter select and start at chapter 1, and the clock resets. Now keep going onward, with doing continue or reloading the file, as skipping any chapter via the selection menu will negate the trophy.
Here[] is a list of times for comparison
It Is What It Is: Finish the game without upgrading any skills with green gel.
First of all, know that there is no workaround to make that trophy easier. You might think all you have to do is complete the game from first chapter to last without using green gel; like starting at first chapter in NG+ and not upgrading anything until you finish? Well no. You have to make it to the credits screen without anything upgraded. So if you enhance anything during your first game, any subsequent NG+ will not allow you to achieve the trophy.
So this trophy is about starting a new game and not upgrading anything to the end. You must beat the last boss with everything still at level 1. Reap all the green gel you want, even sit in the upgrade chair if you feel comfortable, but do not raise any attribute, weapon, stock, or bolt! So this implies doing it all with low health, little firepower and tiny stocks.
If after a while it feels too hard, make a save and switch to casual difficulty to keep trying. If still too hard, give up to the dark side and come back to your save later on once you know the game better.
Or if you feel like a challenge, try to stack this trophy with The Quick and the Dead and You Asked For It! That would truly be hardcore.
Chapter 1 - An Emergency Call
Document - Old Note from Sewer: This one will be right in your path. You'll find it while limping through the sewers, in front of a wheelchair, shortly before reaching the boiler room.
Document - Boiler Room Note: Shortly after the first Document you will have to climb a ladder. At the top you will see a desk with a lamp behind some bars. The document is on top of that desk.
Chapter 3 - Claws Of The Horde
Personal File - Log Entry - December 2004: Right after the first checkpoint in the room with the blood stained door(the music room).The file is in the small table next to the bathtub. You need to collect it to activate the mirror.
Map Fragment - No. 4: In the same room as above. Check out the floor and you will notice another map fragment.
Missing Person - Oscar Connelly: Off through the mirror you go. Check out the bulletin board next to the grandfather clock for this poster...
Newspaper - Serial Killings continue: ...and the newspaper rack on the opposite wall for this artice.
Key - No. #3: This one is tricky to get without acquiring the Sniper Rifle first. In the main mission area, take care of the sniper, then look on the wooden struts of the tall watchtower. Shoot it to collect the key behind the tower.
Audio Log - Experiment 4: Back in the village you will find this in an upstairs room on the house where you talk with Dr. Jimenez from the attic. It is sitting on an armchair next to a hanged woman.
Key - No. #6: The second key is in the second floor of the barn. Climb the ladder up to a small room with a statue
Key - No. #4: In the main mission area area, walk down the main exterior path and look on the stone wall between the burning two-story house (where the sniper was waiting on the terrace) and the barn. Shoot the statue on the stone wall to drop it to the ground.
Key - No. #5: Go up to the terrace and look across at the windows of the mansion where the doctor hid. From the terrace stairs, look at the upper back window. The statue is hanging from a rope over the glass. Shoot it to drop the fourth and final key in the chapter.

Weapon of Choice: Defeat the Sadist within the village.
Knife Beats Chainsaw: His engine roars, but my knife is strong enough to take him out. (Ch.3)
Sounds like a challenge? It is, because this has nothing to do with going about it the hunter's way. This has to be done at the end of chapter 3, as the chainsaw is the key to getting out of the horde's village.
Before you even consider attacking the sadist (who is in chains until you free him) you should gather the required equipment. Find the shotgun, the Agony Crossbow, acquire three explosive bolts, two harpoon bolts, and the most important of all, the flash bolt (found on top the observation tower).
Once you are equipped, go to the barn where the sadist is held prisoner. Free him from his wooden prison by shooting it with the shotgun. Unload on the sadist your three explosive bolts as well as your two harpoon bolts. Run outside as more enemies should be coming, so the sadist takes care of them himself. Once he steps outside, shoot the flash bolt from a reasonable distance and perform a sneak kill on him.
Chapter 5 - Inner Recesses
Personal File - Log Entry - March 2005: Behind the blood stained door you will find this file on the left. Again it is needed to trigger the mirror.
Newspaper - Investigation Stalls in Serial KillerCase: Through the mirror you go! You will end up in the hallway. Go to the reception area and you will find this newspaper on the reception desk.
Map Fragment - No. 8: Just outside the room with the blood stained door, just below a wall saying "He's watching, we can't leave" look for the fragment on the floor.
Key - No. #9: This one is tricky. After dropping down through the hole in the floor past the bathroom, look around the room with the baby doll on a round table. There’s a rat scurrying around inside with the statue attached to the top.
Document - Underground Facility Note: In the tiled room with the holes in the middle of the walls you will find this document on a round table in one of the rooms.
Audio Log - Assimilated Consciousness: Look through another hole in the wall of the tiled room to make the door appear, then find this audio log on the desk on the left.
Map Fragment - No. 9: After a little chat with Joseph you will need to climb a ladder. Once up there, turn left and find the map fragment near the double door.
Newspaper - Mental Patients Claim Abuse: Near map fragment no. 9 you will find the next blood stained door. Open it and interact with the mirror and you will find this paper on the newspaper rack.
Key - No. #10: After shutting down the water trap and freeing Kidman, Sebastian needs to return to the cell block downstairs. Smash the first lock on the left and go inside to destroy the statue on the bed.
Personal File - Wedding Invitation: After you got separated from your colleagues you will come to another blood stained door. The file is sitting on the bed.
Map Fragment - No. 10: On the same room as above. The map fragment is just behind the door on the right.
Missing Person - Fernando Cabrera: Head through the mirror behind the blood stained door and you will end up next to the bulletin board with this poster...
Newspaper - Missing Parishioner Found in Mental Hospital: ...and the two-for-one collectible on the newspaper rack.
Key - No. #11: Fend off the blood-spawning woman, then return to the room where she appeared. Open the tall locker in the back corner, and a bird with the statue will appear. Shoot the bird to drop the statue to the ground.

Old Flame: Finish off a shrieking beast.
Not Part of the Job Description: The water's rising, but we'll get out of this without a scratch. (Ch. 5)
In order to unlock this trophy, you must rescue Kidman from the water tank in chapter 5 without your partner Joseph taking any damage whatsoever. Unfortunately for you, the n00b is standing in the middle of the room, obviously doing his best to act as living zombie bait. The easiest way to get this done is in New Game Plus (NG+), since you will have far better equipment. However, it is perfectly possible to get it on your first playthrough.
Use your Explosive bolts and your Shock bolts to your advantage. Place them on the ground in front of the cages where the zombies come from. Also use your grenades wisely. Have an eye on Joseph's health bar on the left side of the screen. If he loses any health hit the options button immediately and reload the latest auto-save data! It is going to get easier after the first wave, the enemies will be fewer and fewer and they won't come from everywhere at once anymore. Try to get them down near their spawn points so they will not come anywhere near Joseph. The achievement will unlock right after Kidman is flushed out of the water tank.
Chapter 6 - Losing Grip On Ourselves
Newspaper - Church Floor Collapses: You will come to your senses in the save room again - this time in the room with all the file cabinets. Check out the table for this article.
Key - No. #12: At the start of the chapter, head down the sea-side cliffs to a small ruined structure. Inside, there’s a body hanging over one window. Burn the body with a match to reveal a hidden statue — or just nudge it out of the way!
Key - No. #13: In the huge destroyed area where spear-gunners are shooting from boxes, use the Sniper Rifle to look on the tower. Look high above the box-gunners, there’s a metal ledge circling the tower with a statue smack in the center. Shoot it and the key will drop down to the tower door below.
Map Fragment - No. 11: Next to the elevator door which is blocked by the corps you will find another map fragment on the floor.
Personal File - Log Entry - May 2006: Near the elevator there is also another blood stained door. Head inside to find a file on a toppled locker.
Newspaper - KCPD Officer Missing: Using the mirror behind the blood stained door near the elevator you will once again end up in the save room. Head over to the reception and check out the newspaper rack.
Audio Log - Ernesto Victoriano: You will find this one outside. You will come to an area with a fountain with a huge angel. Ignore it and follow the path to the right. You should come across a rotten bedsheet hanging across the path. Keep following the path until you see some crates and barrels on the right. The audio log is waiting on one of the crates.
Key - No. #14: In the abandoned marketplace, stick to the right boundary of the area. Behind a wheelbarrow are two stacked breakable crates. Smash them and crawl under the hole in the stone wall. There’s a hidden statue down the path.
Map Fragment - No. 12: After a short cut scene with Joseph look for this fragment on a cage next to a rather disgusting table.
Missing Person - Pastor Salvador Garciano: In the next room the well known music will announce yet another blood stained door. Interact with the mirror and you will find the poster on the bulletin board.
Newspaper - Pastor under Investigation: The newspaper is waiting to be found on the newspaper rack on the opposite wall.
Document - Graveyard Note: You will find the graveyard note... in the graveyard! Who would have thought? It will be next to Joseph who is gonna be admiring a horse.
Key - No. #15: Dropping down into the catacombs, you’ll enter a sacrificial chamber with four slabs. On the left, there are body bags on hooks moving down a line. Wait in the fence opening and wait until a body cycles by with a statue attached to it’s back.
Document - Cemetery Lab Note #1: After the room with the altar puzzle get into the elevator. Once up follow the hallway and you will find this document on a brightly lit desk.
Document - Cemetery Lab Note #2: Follow the next hallway and you will come to a dark chamber. The document is lying on the floor next to a corpse.

Two on Two: Take out both guardians before the church.
Everybody Gets One: Who wouldn't reach out for a man clinging for his life? (Ch. 6)
The second scene of chapter 6 takes place in what is supposed to be some ruins, but in fact looks like a construction site.
Make it to the part where the gatling guns start shooting spikes, and you have to snipe them out. You have to go to the upmost portion of the site, which will have some wooden planks covered with blood and spikes. The idea here is to have Joseph fight some enemies while on these planks, so he looses balance. Clear the enemies yourself and then take him back up. There is a bit of chance involved for Joseph to fall off the planks, but the infinite enemy spawn should help your statistics.
Collectibles Guide Introduction - Platisfaction and Lothym: Below you will find a table listing the collectibles for each and every chapter. If you prefer videos over text guides, then check out the excellent videos associated with each chapter. If you should miss a couple of those elusive b******s, do not rip your hair out, there is New Game Plus (NG+) and chapter select in this game which will allow you to obtain anything you might have missed on your first run. If you want to find out what you are missing, hit the options button and head over to the archives section. Here you can view all of your in-game documents. Use the tables in the 'All Collectibles sorted by type' section of this guide to find out what you are missing.

[UPDATED]: I have added the collectible guide to all the DLCs, the last one, executioner, doesn't have text guide ATM, as soon as I see one ready, I`ll add. I have also added achievements guide to the DLCs and to the main guide.
My Notes: I have been looking for a good guide to this game. Found some but they are mostly divided in content on different sites, so I decided to compile them here for an easy-to-access use. Hope it helps you guys out there. First time making guide, sorry for any mistakes made. This is a guide to all collectibles ingame gathered in only one place.
Just a few notes words before we get to the guide. I have joined together two texts guides, as they were not written by the same author this may lead to inconsistencies sometimes, I tried to adapt it as best I could, but that was simply difficult in some cases, my main issue was syncronyzing the text guide with the videos, I fixed most things, but I couldn't solve all problems, frequently it was the case with missing person reports and newspaper, but they were mostly close to each other so I let that go. If there is other types of desynchronization point it out to me if it gets confusing so I can fix it, but bear in mind the issues I just explained, if it's passable, best let it go. I also made some text modifications to adapt the text going in a different position. There are other video-guides I found on youtube that are really top quality, I didn't used them as reference because they do not include the keys hunting on the chapters, but if you just want the collectibles, not the keys, they will be very helpful.
Again I am not the author of the guides contained here, these are work of others, I compiled and edited them to form a single consistent file about all collectibles in the game. It took some time but problably not as much as making videos or writing the texts. I wanted to make the best reference guide I could, and why not share with whoever is interested? Good luck and happy hunting!
Last Note: I have completed this guide, there is nothing more to add to it, as there will be no more DLCs, I have reworked the guide to become an achievements guide, please tell me if anything is out of place, human eye can only see so much. I have divided the achievements on the main guide on 4 categories "Complete Run", which are achievements you must complete the entire game to get, "Activity", which are achievements you must do a specific action or deed to get, "Grinding", which are achievements you must look for and collect stuff and the forth is "Chapter-Specific", which are achievements that must be obtained on a specific section of the game. Achievements that don`t have a description or a video are free or easly understood by their description, I only put the text where the achievement is somewhat hard to understand or difficult to get. Tell me if anything seems wrong or unclear.
Burn, Baby, Burn!: Kill 5 enemies with a torch.
You can even farm this achievement. If you find an enemy which carries a torch (for example at the end of chapter 2) you can use its torch to kill a zombie, then restart the last checkpoint to rinse and repeat. Your trophy will unlock after the fifth barbeque.
Full House: Kill 5 enemies with each type of Agony Bolt.
This achievement requires you to make five kills with each kind of bolts (those used with the agony crossbow). There are five types of agony to be found throughout the default game: the explosive bolts, the harpoon bolts, the flash bolts, the shock bolts, and the freezing bolts. Once you have found a bolt of a certain type, you are able to craft more bolt of the same type at the cost of parts (found in-game along XP and ammo or obtained by successfully defusing a bomb or booby trap). Note that the flash bolts and the shock bolts do not kill an enemy by just shooting at it. You must finish the dirty work by shooting your targets or burn them with a match stroke, respectively.
If you got the 'Fighting Chance Pack', you will have access to two new types of bolts: incendiary and poison. Note that in this case also performing five kills with each bolts is not mandatory to achieve the trophy (you do not need five kills with all 7 types of bolts). It will count toward the trophy though, so if you have trouble to make the trophy pop because of the flash bolts (per example), you can compensate by using the incendiary bolts.
Silent Kill: Kill 5 enemies in a row with a sneak kill without being discovered.
This trophy is pretty self-explanatory, but let's take a closer look at both conditions for the sake of clarity.
To make a sneak kill, you must approach the enemy by behind and be in sneak mode (CTRL); once you are close press Spacebar, if successful you should get rid of the enemy in a single stab. Although you are in sneak mode, you are bound to be seen if the enemy you aim at turns around or another enemy spots you. You know you are being discovered by watching the eye icon on top of the screen: if partially open, an enemy is around and may spot you, if totally open you've been busted! (those who played Skyrim should be familiar with the concept). So to get this
What's a good spot for doing this easily? The small village in chapter 2 after the first save point (the one that is not mandatory, i.e. behind the blood stained door) is a perfect place. Save your game and press on. You will come across a lone enemy before the next wooden cabin, which is a pretext to give you the silent kill tutorial. Get rid of him silently, open the door, jump through the window to pursue another enemy and go through the grid. Walk on until you make it to the lighthouse cutscene (checkpoint).
While waiting behind the straw cubes, to your left an enemy will walk by and turn his back, with a bit of patience (this is also the spot for Bloody Bar Brawl by the way), so you can close in for the kill. Go back to the straw pile and proceed the same way for the other enemy close to the house. Once done, go on until you make it to a cart (checkpoint) with a bottle in front and an enemy close by. Throw the bottle to the pool of blood by the left pathway and wait for the enemy to walk there so you can stab him from behind. A bit more ahead to your right, close by the door to the cabin should be another bottle. Grab it, cross to the fence in front of you and throw the bottle to the right path past the house for the final silent kill. Note that if you make it to a checkpoint with a silent streak, you can reload the checkpoint and the streak will still be on. This is why this village is such a good place for this trophy, with its lot of lone enemies and load of checkpoints!
Blow Up the Playing Field: Use a secret explosive weapon to kill 10 enemies. (Agony Bolt effects negate results)
Upon finishing the game the first time through, you will unlock a Rocket Launcher and a Machine Gun for use in New Game Plus (NG+). It does not even matter whether you beat the game on Casual or Survival. Simply use the Rocket Launcher and wreak some havoc with your new toy. This trophy will unlock once you have killed you tenth enemy with it. The cannibal feast at the end of chapter 2 is a well suited spot to get this quickly.
Be warned that the game does not provide you with extra ammo for the rocket launcher. Once you used all rockets that were given to you, the launcher becomes a dead weapon. Keep you're first save for ending the game apart, just in case you waste the rockets and have to try again. Unlikely, but possible.
Ammo Conservationist: Kill 25 enemies with melee attacks.
It's all in the description. The hard part of this trophy is that basic melee damage is very low and you are most likely to get slayed before you manage to punch any enemy to death. Although it can be done by mashing Triangle, but you better watch your health if you do it this way. The best rhythm is to lay in two punches (the first slightly incapacitate a human enemy for a few seconds, the second is free of charge), back off to dodge the retaliation, punch twice again, etc...
A first normal demarche would be to raise up the melee skill so your attacks are more efficient. But there are better ways to this:
  • Enemies that have been incapacitated can be killed with a few stomps, so finish off as many as you can this way.
  • in the cave of chapter 8, some crawlers will fall out on you when you try to raise a gate at some point. These are very vulnerable to stomp.
  • Pick up enemy weapons (mostly axes) whenever you can. These will allow you to make a one hit melee kill!
Drop It Like It's Hot: Kill 3 living enemies with one drop of a match.
If you play with fire, you might get burned! The game offers the opportunity to burn down enemy corpses, or various objects if the Circle icon appears (reminds me of the Resident Evil lighter technique...). This way you can rest assured no one comes back to life at the worst moment possible. If you play your matches well, you may even kill some live enemies.
A nice place for this is the small village of chapter 2. By the exit door you have to activate with a lever are two what-appear-to-be corpses (the ones that actually raise up when you try to activate the gate). If you get a third enemy (the one further down the pathway seems perfect) to stand close to these two, and throw in a match you've done it. You might want to knee shot the third enemy if you want him to stand still in the exact spot that you want him to.
You can also try your luck past the gate. There will be a cannibal feast there, with plenty of live and dead corpses to serve your purpose. Just throwing a match in there will do the trick, although it's a bit more random based than the previous option, but statistically easy to achieve, at worst with a few tries.
Bloody Bar Brawl: Sneak Kill an enemy after hitting them with a bottle.
Sounds easy? It is only if you go the right way about it. The best is to throw a bottle at an enemy which has his back turned on you, so you can go straight for the sneak kill. It also works if you take the enemy up front, it's just more of a rush, which you may be looking for?
An easy spot to achieve this is the first fight after you go through the grid in chapter 2. Right after the lighthouse cutscene, hide behind the straw pile and pick up a bottle. Wait for the enemy to walk up to the left path, turn his back then do your deed. Walk up a bit closer, throw the bottle at him and will he's stun, get in sneak mode and stab him by the back. Cheap fight, cheap trophy.
Every Nook and Cranny: Collect every collectable in the game.
Master of Unlocking: Open up all the lockers in the save room.
My Best Friend: Completely upgrade one weapon.
The Power of Three: Completely upgrade three weapons.
Unstoppable Arsenal: Completely upgrade all weapons.
This is by far the most upgrade grinding trophy of the game, with its required 641,000 XP... You will necessarily need to farm green gel to end with this one. If you want an easy level for that replay chapter 3 again and again (slaying the sadist gives you a load of 10000 XP and takes about 5-8 minutes). If you want to be efficient and are not afraid of big enemies, replay chapter 10 for more than 60000 XP in 20-25 minutes runs (casual numbers, of course!)
You will also need to collect all five weapons of the game, but this is not really the issue here, as weapons are hard to miss. Anyway, all the detailed information you should need is below.
Remember you should not even get started for this trophy if you are doing a Gold It Is What It Is playthrough.
As a final word, know that the secret weapons unlocked after a complete playthrough cannot be upgraded and thus are not considered for this trophy.
Here[] is a detailed list of upgrades and their costs
Hardbody: Fully upgrade all of Sebastian's attributes.
You can upgrade Sebastian's attributes using the comfy lobotomy chair in the save room. Upgrading everything to max will cost you 178.000 in green gel, so you might consider some farming to get all those green gel-related trophies out of the way as quickly as possible. If you want an easy level for that replay chapter 3 again and again (slaying the sadist gives you a load of 10000 XP and takes about 5-8 minutes). If you want to be efficient and are not afraid of big enemies, replay chapter 10 for more than 60000 XP in 20-25 minutes runs (casual numbers, of course!). Here[] is a detailed list of upgrades and their costs
Why Can't I Hold All This Ammo?: Upgrade all options in the Stock menu.
One of the most important features of survival horror games is the constant shortage of ammo and health items. In The Evil Within you can do something about this... to a certain extent at least. Use the lobotomy chair in the save house to upgrade the amount of bullets/bolts, grenades, syringes and matches you can hold. Upgrading all stock options to max will cost you 133.300 in green gel, so you might consider some farming to get all those green gel-related trophies out of the way as quickly as possible.
If you want an easy level for that, replay chapter 3 again and again (slaying the sadist gives you a load of 10,000 XP and takes about 5-8 minutes). If you want to be efficient and are not afraid of big enemies, replay chapter 10 for more than 60,000 XP in 20-25 minutes runs (casual numbers, of course!). Here[] is a detailed list of upgrades and their costs
...And the Corpses Mount: Kill 30 enemies.
Krimson PD Fury: Kill 200 enemies.
One Man Army: Kill 400 enemies.
400 kills might sound a lot for a survival horror game, but when it comes to the number of enemies, The Evil Within is a lot like Resident Evil 4. Moreover, the game lets you farm kills. For example, if you are having difficulties with a certain passage so that you'll have to start over and over again from the last checkpoint, all of your kills will be added up to your total kill count. So if you need to kill the same five enemies over and over again this also means 50 more kills total.
If you are not the stealth type, you will probably unlock this trophy in chapters 12 - 15. However, just like the collectibles, kills also carry over to New Game Plus (NG+), so if you didn't get it on your first run just keep putting the undead out of their misery and this trophy will unlock naturally during your second playthrough. In case you need farming spots, know that chapters 2 and 12 are good options; the first has a fair amount of enemies at the last scene and the second has that amazing machine gun sequence that lets you pile up corpses in no time!
Newspaper - Bodies Found in Lakeside Town: When you wake up in the save room check the desk for this newspaper.
Missing Person - Sebastian Castellanos: This is only available in NG+! Leave your cell and follow the nurse to the reception area. Check out the bulletin board for this poster.
Map Fragment - No. 1: Still in the save rooms, check the floor behind the lobotomy chair to find your first map fragment.
Personal File - Log Entry - November 2004: You will find a shed with your first blood stained door. Inside, you will find this file on the table. You need to collect it in order to activate the mirror.
Newspaper - Serial Killer on the Loose: Use the mirror and check out the news paper rack in the reception area to find this paper...
Missing Person - Leslie Withers: ...and check out the bulletin board on the opposite wall for another poster.
Key - No. #1: To get the first key, look to the left of the metal gates before entering the town. The statue is on a half stone wall. Smash it with a melee attack to get the key.
Document - Lakeside Town Note: Back in the village there will be a cutscene in which two beautiful zombies are going to be introduced to you. Check out their bonfire and you will find this document.
Map Fragment - No. 2: In the village, look out for a cabin on top of a hill on the right. Inside, you will find another map fragment sitting on the couch.
Key - No. #2: Through the gate, continue into the town and follow the right path at the campfire to an optional building up the hill. Go inside and enter the first room down the hallway. There’s a box on the small sink.
Map Fragment - No. 3: In the final part, where you encounter a large group of people feasting on corpses, there is a cabin to the very left (from the entry). You will find the fragment in there.

À la Corvo: Have they lost their minds? Better get past them without a fight. (Ch.2)
In chapter 2, you have to go through the whole village part without putting up any fight to earn this trophy, making any sneak kills nor shooting a single round. Take the cowards way and make a run for it.
The trick is to know that the sequence actually starts before the grid and ends when you open the grate. That first enemy alone in front of the cabin at the silent kill tutorial? Let him live, rush through the door, jump through the window and carry on. After the lighthouse cutscene, run immediately to the left path to cut loose of your first two pursuers. Then keep your left, left, left... to avoid all enemies. A bit before you reach the gate, there will be a booby trap. Now, as you try to activate the lever the first time, two corpses will come back to life and try to grab you. Run away like never before, backtrack to the houses and avoid the bear traps. Go around the area again (like you did the first time) until you reach the gate. The enemies should be dispersed and you should be able to activate that lever tranquilly. Alakhazam!
Note that you are allowed to attack zombies, you just mustn't kill them! So if you should find yourself in a tight corner it is okay to melee your way out of it, just do not kill anyone. Apart from that it is also perfectly okay if enemies manage to get themselves killed by walking into traps, this does not count as a kill!
Map Fragment - No. 5: At the very start of the chapter, instead of following Marcello to his brother's office, go to the left. There will be a a cabin with a chest and the map fragment besides.
Key - No. #7: To get the key in this chapter, enter the hospice and go to the operating room where the doctor is butchering the presumably dead patient. Kill the doctor, check the X-Ray, then interact with the body. Jab the knife inside, and you’ll get a key along with your jump scare.
Personal File - Log Entry - February 2005: Back outside search for the next blood stained door. You should hear the music playing nearby. The file is nailed to the door.
Missing Person - Dr. Valerio Jimenez: Enter the cabin and interact with the mirror. Check the bulletin board...
Newspaper - Missing Patient Found: ...and the newspaper rack in the save room.
Map Fragment - No. 6: If you have already opened lockers in the save room check out the floor in your 'cell' Otherwise you will find this in NG+. Same counts for map fragment 7.
Map Fragment - No. 7: Go down the hallway to where the nurse is. The door opposite your 'cell' will open, you will find a map fragment sitting on the sink in there.
Document - Villager Note: Leave the cabin and head up the path until you come to a house with a burning shrieking ghost bursting through the door. Go inside and squeeze through a gap in the right corner and you will find this document on the bed in the adjacent room.
Key - No. #8: After meeting Ruvik and falling into the bloody body disposal room, look for a switch on the wall perpendicular with the catwalk. Pull the lever twice and a statue will dump out inside of a body.

Home is Where the Hospice is: That vision in the hospice... why here? Why now? (Ch. 4)
At the beginning of chapter 4, 'The Patient', you will be following the doctor. Just enter the building he takes you to and explore its ground floor. You should find a fat guy leaned over a corpse, which is in fact Valerio, the doctor's brother. Unfortunately he's been turned, so you have to slaughter him. Watch the cutscene and the achievement is yours.
Noted by Christophe:In chapter 7, it seems to be impossible to get key 19 if you've completed the right path first. The guide says you have to return there, but you cannot because the entrance and exit are blocked. Finish the left path first and turn off the poison gas. Then take the right path.
Map Fragment - No. 13: In a church, who wouldn't check out the altar?
Document - Catacomb Note: Down in the catacombs, get the first lithograph. The wall will rise, opening a room with this document waiting on a table.
Key - No. #16: After removing the Old Lithograph, the catacomb wall will slide open. Straight ahead and slightly left there’s a table with a lockbox helmet. Open it to get an easy key.
Personal File - Lily's Birth Announcement: Adjacent to the huge hall where you have to insert the three lithographs you will find another room with a blood stained door. Head inside and the file will be in plain sight.
Missing Person - Chris Taylor: Interact with the mirror and you will find this poster on the bulletin board....
Newspaper - Catacombs Found Beneath Parish: ...and the newspaper also jumps right into your face.
Key - No. #17: In the hub area where Sebastian needs to acquire three lithographs, go through the right door. Inside the first room with a dropping spike trap, use the switch to lower the platform. Step on and ride up until it stops. On one of the pillars there’s a statue you can destroy.
Audio Log - Guardian: Back in the catacombs insert the first lithograph, then follow the hallway on the right. The audio log will be sitting on a table with an oil lamp at the end of this hallway.
Key - No. #18: Moving on down the path to the larger spike ceiling trap room, the one with the crank device to open the exit gate, continue forward to another smaller spike trap right before the lithograph wall. Use the lever to lower the platform, then ride it up to a secret cache area.
Key - No. #19: There’s yet another key in this path. To the left of the crank door, several monsters will burst out when you attempt to turn it. Go through the unlocked double doors where there’s a guillotine. Return here after completing the left path and turning off the poison gas. When the gas is gone, go down the pathway to a sacrificial area where tons of items can be found, including a key.

What's In The Box?!: Escape the Keeper beneath the catacombs.
I Don't Have Time for This!: It won't stay dead! Better only fight when I have to. (Ch. 7)This trophy has to be done at the end of chapter 7, as you face the keeper. The idea is to keep the kills to a minimum during his sequence. You could kill the Keeper infinitely as he respawns without limit. So here is what you need to do.
As the sequence starts, you will finally be facing him. He has been taking on your nerve for a while and now is the time for payback. Shoot him with what you have, just don't waste your ammo on headshots (it will seem obvious when you'll see him...) and aim directly at the belly. You should watch out for the ivy mines he throws around, or those will immobilize you very annoyingly during the fight. Once you take him down a door will open. Remember this new room, it contains the valve you will need later on.
Proceed to the next section. You will have to close a valve as poison gas invades the air. As you start rotating the valve, the Keeper will start appearing in a corner, just hurry up and you'll make it. Once the valve is closed, run past through your foe and close the door on his face. Collect the useful ammo and items around the room and then close the second valve. A cutscene will trigger and the Keeper will appear right in your back. Blow his stomach away for the second time, which will open the exit of the room.
You now have to finish the sequence without a single kill more. Head for the third and last valve, only to find out the Keeper is ahead of you and destroys it. This is the time to go back for the extra valve in that room I mentioned earlier. Now you have to install and close it without getting killed. A good thing is that if the Keeper hits you while you are closing the valve it doesn't reset. If getting hit is not the best solution, you can lure the Keeper at the opposite of the area and freeze him with a bolt so you can rush your way out; this will not lock you out of the trophy.
If you make it out of the sequence with those only two kills, you are good to go. The trophy will only pop once you finish the level, so don't pest right away that it didn't work and go to the end of the chapter.
Chapter 8 - A Planted Seed Will Grow

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