Tv Bessay

Click on the audio buttons to hear conversations between the Guardian Australia picture editor, Jonny Weeks, the Guardian Australia photographer, Mike Bowers, the senior curator of photography at the National Gallery of Australia, Shaune Lakin, and the curator at the Centre for Contemporary Photography, Pippa Milne.

  • (above) Untitled (Cat6), 2001, from the series Dream Life and Beyond; (below) Untitled (Cat16) and Untitled (Cat15), 2001, from Dream Life and Beyond.

He's like farmer who is watching his field: he waits until the right moment, then he harvests the light

Mike Bowers
  • (above) White Man, 2001, and Moving bus, Sydney CBD, 2003, from the series Minutes to Midnight
  • (above) My son ‘Jem’ is born, 2004, from Minutes to Midnight

There's trauma sitting behind these photographs and that's from witnessing his mother pass away in a really terrible way

Shaune Lakin
  • (above) Slippery Dip, Gundagai, New South Wales, 2007; Shattered Portrait, Newcastle, New South Wales; Dirt swirl 77, 2010. All from the series Black Rose.
  • Moving bus, Sydney CBD, 2003, from Minutes to Midnight

He's mastering the light and using shadows to block out the visual detritus

Jonny Weeks
  • (left) Peace After War and Memories; (right) Arch of Steel. By Harold Cazneaux / National Gallery of Australia

Trent Parke is part of a great tradition of pictorialist photography in this country, in the same way as Harold Cazneaux

Shaune Lakin

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