How To Fill Out Title Assignment By Seller

How to Complete an Auto Title Transfer in South Carolina:
  1. Complete and sign the title certificate (seller and buyer).
  2. Complete a Bill of Sale (if applicable).
  3. Complete the title application form.
  4. Submit the above to the SCDMV.

Read below for more details on how to complete a South Carolina car title transfer.

How to Complete New-to-State Title Transfer in South Carolina

After moving to South Carolina, you have 45 days to complete a car title transfer with the SC Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

To apply for a South Carolina vehicle title, submit the following to the DMV:

You can submit the above:

  • In person at your local SCDMV office location.
  • By mail to:
    • Department of Motor Vehicles
    • P.O. Box 1498
    • Blythewood, SC 29016

NOTE: Unless you are not planning on driving your vehicle, you will also need to register your car, which can typically be done along with titling. Read our guide to Car Registration in South Carolina for more information. 

Transfer Title when Buying or Selling a Car

Once you have purchased a car, you have 45 days to apply for a DMV title transfer and register it. The process will differ slightly based on whether your new car was:

  • Bought from a dealer.
  • Leased.
  • Bought from a private seller.

Buying from a Dealer

When you purchase a non-leased car from a dealership, the dealer is required to complete your vehicle title and registration application for you.

The dealer will collect any applicable sales tax and titling fees.

Leased Vehicles

If you've leased your new car, bring following to the DMV for a vehicle title transfer:

Buying from a Private Seller

If you've purchased a car from a private seller and are ready to transfer ownership, head to your local DMV office with:

NOTE: All cars must display a license plate while being driven on South Carolina's public roads. You can get a temporary license plate to display before you title and register your car. Read our Car Registration in South Carolina page for more information.

Vehicles Without a Title

If you purchase a car that has no previous South Carolina title, you can apply for one by submitting the following to the DMV:

Selling a Vehicle in South Carolina

When you sell a car, it is the buyer's responsibility to complete the vehicle title transfer. However, as the seller you must:

  • Complete the title assignment on the title certificate.
  • Provide a Bill of Sale if the title was issued before June 19, 1989.
  • Submit a completed Notice of Vehicle Sold (Form 416) to the DMV.

How to Transfer the Title for Gifted and Inherited Cars

Gifted Vehicles

The process for completing a South Carolina DMV title transfer for gifted vehicles is similar to the buying and selling process. Be sure to mark The Vehicle was a Bonafide Gift" box, as this will qualify the vehicle for a sales tax exemption.

You may also be exempt from sales tax if you are transferring vehicle ownership between family members. See Title Transfer Fees below for a full list.

Inherited Vehicles

If you are a surviving owner of a car, and your name and the deceased's name is separated by or" on the title, you can sign as the sole owner for an auto title transfer.

If the names on the title were separated by and", or if there was only one owner on the title, distribution of the vehicle must be determined by the probate court.

Depending on the determined form of distribution, the court will issue one of the following:

  • An Affidavit for Collection of Personal Property Pursuant to Small Estate Proceedings.
  • Personal Representative with an original Certificate of Appointment.
  • Probate Court Order.

To complete a South Carolina car title transfer, you will need one of the above documents, along with the Application for Certificate of Title and Registration for Motor Vehicle or Manufactured Home/Mobile Home (Form 400).

Releasing a SC Lien

Once you have paid off your car loan, your lender can release the lien on your SC vehicle title, allowing you to complete an auto title transfer.

Your lender can release the lien:

  • Electronically, if there is an electronic title.
  • By completing the lien release section on the title certificate.
  • By submitting a letter written on their letterhead. This letter must include:
    • Your (owner's) name.
    • Vehicle identification number (VIN).
    • Title number.
    • A signature of an authorized company representative.

Title Transfer Fees

The titling, sales tax, and car title transfer fees in South Carolina are:

  • Original title: $15.
  • Title transfer: $15.
  • Infrastructure Maintenance Fee: 5% of purchase price ($500 maximum).

Infrastructure Maintenance Fee Exemptions

In addition to gifted and inherited cars, you will also be exempt from South Carolina IMF if:

  • You are transferring ownership between family members, including:
    • Parents.
    • Siblings.
    • Children.
    • Spouses.
    • Grandparents.
    • Grandchildren.
  • You are a non-resident member of the military.

Duplicate South Carolina Title

Because vehicle ownership cannot be transferred without a title, it is important that you get a duplicate title if you lose your original title certificate.

To order a replacement SC title, submit the following to your local DMV office:

How to Complete a Car Title Transfer in Arkansas
NOTE: The AR OMV will charge penalty fees if the car title transfer doesn't take place within 30 days of the sale.

New to Arkansas?

If you are moving to Arkansas, you must complete an auto title transfer and register your vehicle with the AR OMV within 30 days of establishing residency. For more information about registering and titling a vehicle in Arkansas as a new resident, please read our Car Registration page.

NOTE: You'll need to provide a separate odometer disclosure statement when you register and title your out-of-state car in Arkansas. You may be able to use the Bill of Sale/Odometer Disclosure Statement (Form 10-313).

Buy or Sell a Vehicle in AR

Selling a Vehicle

Need Help Selling Your Car?

To assure the buyer you're selling a worthy vehicle, you can present a vehicle history report (VHR), which lets the buyer know about any repairs that have been made to the vehicle.

Follow these steps to complete a car title transfer in Arkansas as the seller:

  1. Complete, sign, and date the current AR vehicle title as the “seller."
  2. Provide the buyer with an Official Release of Lien or Permission to Issue a Replacement Title (Form 10-315) and any other lien documents, if applicable.
  3. Provide the buyer with an odometer disclosure statement if the vehicle is less than 10 years old.*
  4. Provide the buyer with a Bill of Sale*.
  5. Give the buyer all the documents above, including the vehicle title.
  6. Complete and submit a Notice of Transfer of Ownership of a Motor Vehicleinperson or bymail to the address on the form.

* NOTE: Be sure to check the control number on the back of the AR vehicle title. If it's less than 3003001, you must supply a completed Bill of Sale/Odometer Disclosure Statement (Form 10-313). If it's 3003001 or greater, the bill of sale and odometer disclosure statements on the back of the title are sufficient.

Buying a Vehicle

New Cars

In Arkansas, a title transfer for a vehicle purchased from a car dealer is usually a much less-involved process because dealerships normally handle the DMV title transfer of ownership for its customers.

If however, you need to complete the auto title transfer and vehicle registration yourself, you will need to obtain the manufacturer's certificate of origin. You may want to check with the dealer or the AR OMV office for a complete list of required titling documents in Arkansas.

Used Cars

To complete a vehicle title transfer in Arkansas as a buyer, follow these steps:

* NOTE: An odometer disclosure statement is required for DMV title transfers for vehicles younger than 10 years old.

You'll most likely register the vehicle at the same time as completing the car title transfer. Please refer to our AR Car Registration page for information about registration requirements, such as showing proof of insurance and paying additional fees.

Gifting, Donating, or Inheriting a Vehicle

Gifted Vehicles

If you've received a vehicle as a gift or from a family member in Arkansas, you'll likely need the following documents to complete an auto title transfer of ownership:

Contact the Arkansas OMV to confirm the documents you'll need. Take all required paperwork and payment for the title transfer fees to your local Arkansas State Revenue office to complete the car title transfer.

NOTE: You can register your vehicle at the same time as completing your DMV title transfer. For more details, see our Car Registration page.

Donated Vehicles

There are several paths you can take when you donate a vehicle in Arkansas. Please visit our page on Vehicle Donations for details.

Inheriting a Vehicle

In Arkansas, when a vehicle owner passes away, the vehicle title transfer process will vary depending on circumstances. As a beneficiary of the deceased, be prepared to:

You may want also want to complete the car registration process at the same time as the car title transfer. Be sure to review our Car Registration page before your visit to the AR OMV office, as you'll need to meet specific registration and insurance requirements, and pay fees in addition to the title transfer fee.

Change AR Vehicle Title Information

If you've changed your name or ownership of your Arkansas vehicle, you'll need to update your AR vehicle title.

Contact your local Arkansas OMV office for specific instructions on how to change, delete, or add a name to your vehicle title.

Visit our page about Changing Your Name for more information on keeping your Arkansas OMV records up to date.

Car Title Transfer Fees in Arkansas

The DMV title transfer fee in Arkansas is $10.

Registration fees, Arkansas state taxes, and local taxes will vary depending on the type of vehicle you have and AR county you live in.

To find out exactly how much is due in local taxes, use the Arkansas Local Tax Lookup Tool.

Replace Your Vehicle Title

If you recently lost your Arkansas vehicle title, you'll need to apply for a duplicate either bymail or inperson.

For complete instructions, visit our Replacing a Lost Title in Arkansas page.

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