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Paris Descartes University (French: Université Paris 5 René Descartes), also known as Paris V, is a French public research university located in Paris.

It is one of the inheritors of the University of Paris (often referred as the Sorbonne), which ceased to exist in 1970. It is a member of the Sorbonne Paris Cité University (USPC) group.

It was established as a mutidisciplinary university "of humanities and health sciences" ("des Sciences de l’Homme et de la Santé". It focuses in the areas of medical sciences, biomedical sciences, law, computer science, economics and psychology.[1]

Its main campus is in the historic École de Chirurgie in the 6th arrondissement of Paris.


The historic University of Paris (French: Université de Paris) first appeared in the second half of the 12th century, but was divided into thirteen universities, managed by a common rectorate, the Chancellerie des Universités de Paris, after the student protests of the French May.



Descartes University has ten campuses in Paris. Its headquarters are centered on the "Collège de chirurgie", which was built in place of the "Collège de Bourgogne", in the Quartier latin, on the rue des Écoles. The teaching facilities and the research laboratories are housed in the Saints-Pères university center, as far as the medical school and the social sciences school are concerned. The refurbished Henri-Piéron center contains the school of psychology, whereas the Law school is located in Malakoff. The dentistry school is located in Montrouge.


The undergraduate program of Paris Descartes is selective, with an acceptance rate of 11%. Admission to the second year of the university's master programs is selective as well, some of these programs admitting only 1.7% of applicants which can represent 25 students by programs.

International conventions[edit]

The University Paris V has signed over 150 conventions with foreign universities across five continents, including Manchester, Warwick, Copenhagen, Rome, Madrid, Rotterdam, Helsinki, Stockholm or Ghent.[2]



The university focuses on medical sciences (medicine, dental medicine, pharmacy, psychology), biomedical sciences (cellular and molecular biology, biochemistry, chemistry, biomedical physic), social sciences (sociology, anthropology, linguistics, demographics, science of education), mathematics, computer science and law (information technology law, business law, tax law, public law, private law...).

The University Paris Descartes supports a modern approach of social sciences on the basis of fieldwork, participant observation and ethnography (Master's degree in cultural and social anthropology, at the School of humanities and social sciences - Sorbonne). The dual master's degree ("Economics and Psychology" and "Cogmaster") in partnership with other important French academic institutions such as Pantheon-Sorbonne University and the École Normale Supérieure emphasizes opportunities offered as far as research is concerned.


Paris Descartes was rated by the 2017 QS World University Ranking by Subject:

It was also rated by the 2016/17 The Times Higher Education Subject Rankings as:

  • 201-250 (4th ex aequo in France) in Medicine,
  • 201-250 (1st in France) in Psychology.[5]

In Law, in 2016/17, it was not ranked among the top 10 of France of Eduniversal rankings[6].

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Points of interest[edit]


  • Facade of the famous Anatomy Theatre in the École de Chirurgie

  • Paris Descartes Medecine on the boulevard Saint-Germain


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Coordinates: 48°51′05″N2°20′26″E / 48.85139°N 2.34056°E / 48.85139; 2.34056

Total Enrollment:
           International Students:(%)
Undergraduate Enrollment:
           International Students:(%)
Graduate Enrollment:
           International Students:(%)

Undergraduate Programs
           Health Professional Degree: Biomedical Instrumentation and Maintenance
           Health Professional License: Bi Statistics and Informatics For Health
           License and Motor Staps Education
           License Biomedical Sciences
           License Economics, Management
           License Education Sciences
           License Frontiers of Living
           License Language Sciences
           License Law
           License Mathematics, Computer
           License Mathematics, Computer Courses Miage
           License Professional Activities and Communication Techniques
           License Professional Computer Systems and Software:
           License Professional Hospitality and Tourism: Tourism and Hotel Management
           License Professional Human Resource Management: Staff Coordinator
           License Social Sciences
           License Staps Adapted Physical Activities and Health
           License Staps Sports Training
           Professional Bachelor In Insurance, Banking, Finance
           Professional License Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries: Biotechnology
           Professional License Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals: Development of The Drug
           Professional License Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals: Physico-Chemical Analysis
           Professional License Management Organizations
           Professional License Security Goods and Person
           Professional License Social Intervention
           Professional License Trades Publishing
           Psychology License
Master's Degree Programs
           M1 Health
           Master BCPP
           Master Bioengineering
           Master Business Law
           Master Cognitive Science
           Master Economics, Management and Regulation of Health
           Master Ethics
           Master Finance Professionals and Management
           Master Genetics
           Master Health Law
           Master History of Law
           Master In Accounting, Control, Audit
           Master Infectious
           Master Interdisciplinary Approaches To Living
           Master Language Sciences
           Master Mathematics and Computer Science
           Master of Education Sciences
           Master of Science Society
           Master of Sciences and Biomedical Technologies
           Master of Sport Science
           Master of Sport Science
           Master Private Law
           Master Psychoanalysis and Medicine
           Master Psychology
           Master Public Health
           Master Public Law
           Master Sciences of The Drug
           Master Sorbonne Paris Cité, Mention-Arts Therapies
           Master Toxicology
           Professional Master In Teaching Pre-School, School and Extracurricular
Doctoral Programs
           Biochemistry, Biotherapy, Moléculaireet Infectious Biology (B3Mi), Paris Diderot
           Biology and Biotechnology (B2T), Paris Diderot
           Brain, Cognition, Behavior (3C), Upmc
           Cognition, Behavior, Human Lines "3Ch".
           Cultures, Individuals, Corporations.
           Gene-Cell-Immunology-Infectious Diseases-Development "Gc2Id"
           Interdisciplinary Europenne Frontiers In Life "Iefv".
           It, Telecommunications and Electronics (Edited), Upmc
           Law, Political Science, Economics and Management
           Mathematical Sciences Center of Paris, Upmcsanté Public, Paris 11
           Medicine, Toxicology, Environmental Chemistry "Edm".
           Sport Sciences, Motricity and Mouvementhumain, Paris 11

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