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GEO 106

Geographies of Everyday Life

This course examines environmental and spatial aspects of human life, primarily at the scale of the individual, the neighbourhood and the community. Specific topics to be considered include sense of place, mental maps, territoriality, community dynamics, and human impacts on the landscape.
Weekly Contact: Lecture:3 hrs.

Mentioned in the Following Calendar Pages

  • GEO 106
    Geographies of Everyday Life
  • GEO 108
    Geography of the Global Village
  • GEO 110
    The Physical Environment
  • GEO 131
    Energy, Earth and Ecosystems
  • GEO 141
    Geography and GIS
  • GEO 151
    Location, Location, Location
  • GEO 161
    Introductory Analytical Techniques
  • GEO 206
    Regions, Nations and the Global Community
  • GEO 208
    Geography of the Global Economy
  • GEO 210
    Geography of Danger
  • GEO 221
    Location Analysis
  • GEO 231
    Principles of Demography
  • GEO 241
    Cartographic Principles and Practice
  • GEO 301
    Marketing Geography
  • GEO 302
    Retail Location
  • GEO 312
    Viva Las Vegas!
  • GEO 313
    Geography of the Physical Environment
  • GEO 326
    The Geography of Early Hominins
  • GEO 351
    Internal Structure of the City
  • GEO 361
    Inferential Statistics in Geography
  • GEO 372
    Global Shift in the 21st Century
  • GEO 411
    Resource and Environmental Planning
  • GEO 419
    Retailing, GIS and Geodemographics
  • GEO 421
    Geography of Retailing
  • GEO 431
    Recreation Analysis
  • GEO 441
    Geographic Information Science
  • GEO 505
    Regional Analysis of Canada
  • GEO 507
    Explorations of the Urban Environment
  • GEO 509
    Food, Place and Identity
  • GEO 513
    Physical Geography in Decision Support
  • GEO 514
    Resource Management in Northern Canada
  • GEO 520
    Global Political Geography
  • GEO 521
  • GEO 522
    Geography of the Middle East
  • GEO 527
    Inequalities in Urban Neighbourhoods
  • GEO 530
    Urban Economic Geography
  • GEO 541
    GIS Programming
  • GEO 542
    Introduction to Remote Sensing
  • GEO 551
    Urbanization and Regional Development
  • GEO 553
    Studies in Rural Geography
  • GEO 561
    Multivariate Analytical Techniques
  • GEO 581
    GIS, Geographic Data and Mapping
  • GEO 605
    The Geography of the Canadian North
  • GEO 607
    Cities and the Canadian Economic Landscape
  • GEO 609
  • GEO 612
    Environmental Decision Making
  • GEO 620
    Political Geog of Nations and Localities
  • GEO 621
    Location Analysis of Commercial Activity
  • GEO 627
    Accessibility of Urban Social Services
  • GEO 631
    Exploration in Travel and Tourism
  • GEO 641
    GIS and Decision Support
  • GEO 642
    Advanced Remote Sensing and GIS
  • GEO 643
    Field Methods for Geospatial Data
  • GEO 644
    Spatial Databases
  • GEO 645
    Place and Population Health
  • GEO 652
    Urban Transportation Systems
  • GEO 671
    Developmental and Environmental Law
  • GEO 681
    GIS and Geographic Analysis
  • GEO 691
    Canadian Immigration: Patterns and Place
  • GEO 702
    Technology and the Contemporary Environment
  • GEO 703
    Perspectives on Environmental Management
  • GEO 705
    Environment and Society in the Caribbean
  • GEO 714
    GIS for the Municipal Professional I
  • GEO 716
    Geographies of Health
  • GEO 719
    GIS in Business: Strategic Mgmt Decisions
  • GEO 720
    The Inner Landscape of Culture
  • GEO 724
    GIS for the Municipal Professional II
  • GEO 771
  • GEO 772
    Individual Research Paper
  • GEO 773
    Field Studies
  • GEO 793
    The Geography of Toronto
  • GEO 802
    The Geography of Recreation and Leisure
  • GEO 803
    Recreation and Tourism Analysis
  • GEO 811
    Global Environmental Issues
  • GEO 820
    The Outer Landscape of Culture
  • GEO 871
    The Professional Geographer
  • GEO 873
    Geographic Entrepreneurship and Consulting
  • GEO 911
    GIS and Fire Services Management

Anita Bradley published in June 2017 Edition of Smart Business Magazine



Executive Director of Northern Ohio Recovery Association (NORA), was honored for her dedication to
promoting recovery in Northeast Ohio.



In June 2016, Anita Bradley was named one of the Smart Business Smart 50. The award commends the top officials of the 50 most astute organizations in the district for their ability to successfully construct and effectively lead associations/organizations.



In April 2016, Anita Bradley, CEO and founder of Northern Ohio Recovery Association, was chosen by readers as the person of the month.

Video by David Petkiewicz,



On April 29th, 2016, the White House honored Anita Bradley as a Champion of Change for her community- and peer-based work in drug and alcohol prevention, treatment and recovery. President Barack Obama’s administration said it is honoring Bradley and others on Friday, April 29, as part of its effort to address prescription opioid abuse and heroin addiction.
This prestigious award landed Bradley an article on



Anita Bradley was nominated as a Smart 50 Honoree in April of 2015



On September 7th, 2014 Anita Bradley, Founder of NORA Accepts Prestigious National Award.

Here is the video from the 2014 America Honors Recovery. Anita Bradley, Executive Director and Founder of Northern Ohio Recovery Association accepts Joel Hernandez Award the viewing starts about 58:41 into the video.



“Overcoming Addiction”

Kent State University Magazine Features
Executive Director Anita Bradley

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