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We have been bombarded by numerous problems lately and, the events that had transpired in the previous years, especially last 2009, did not help our situation any better. The infamous "Maguindanao Massacre" had created quite a sensation that put our nation at the top of the world once again, gaining the title of "The World's Most Dangerous Place for Journalists". Adding this award to our long list of titles in the same field like "The World's Most Corrupt Government" did not hurt either. It seems as if we are really competing against other nations for this type of recognitions. We have worked hard to beat Afghanistan, Iraq, and also our other neighboring Asian countries as well for these. How was that?
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This they do by amalgamation. By uniting, using collective action as weapons, knowledge as self-defenses and courage as a motivation against hindering forces of their battle for national prosperity, they come out together as a big block of power, making them a big threat to whomever they were challenging. There are actually many definitions of civil society. But with all its working definitions, I understand civil society as a certain domain that is independent of the state. According to Sidney Silliman, civil society seeks benefits, political reform and accountability from the state but it does not aim to gain formal power nor is it there to overthrow the government. As the country develops to keep up with the modern world, the political system also becomes more complex and in addition, the people become more difficult to control. This is why there has been an ongoing rise for civil society groups, many of which assume the functions and processes normally associated with governments to try and compensate with the current situation. Citizen activism in the Philippines has been generally caused by our deteriorating socioeconomic conditions, the corruption which goes on in different parts of the political system and the failure of the government to address and mend them. Citizens have then come together and organized different civil society groups in response to these circumstances

Election is one of the most important events in every country. People vote for their favorite candidate believing that he will represent their interests on the official level. Moreover, election is the integral part of our democratic society, where people can influence political situation of their country. Naturally, it is impossible to generate the ideal system of elections because of great number of factors. No wonder, there are always strong and weak sides in every system. Nowadays, many people ask if our election process is fair. This issue requires detailed and specific analysis.

Election process is very important for the wellbeing of every country. There are countries that do not elect their rulers. Of course, such countries resemble totalitarian societies.

When you cannot take the active part in election, you cannot wait for the improvement of your life. On the other hand, election does not always guarantee good life and prosperity.

Furthermore, election process is not always fair. Politicians are able to cheat common people and steal their votes. When a political party has unlimited power and influence, it is able to use elections for its own profit. It can support its candidates with the help of illegal methods.

Election process in the USA is a very controversial topic. On the one hand, the USA is supposed to be the mother of democracy. Its election process is believed to be transparent and fair. The USA is a country of opportunities. It means that a smart person is able to apply her skills and knowledge to become rich and prosperous. Naturally, only a fair and democratic country can provide its people with such opportunities. Therefore, the USA has the healthiest political system and it can organize election process effectively. People can vote for their favorite politician and he has solid chances to win the elections. A country with unfavorable political environment is not able to organize elections transparently. In such countries, election process is connected with corruption, bribes and violence. Fortunately, one cannot say such things about the US election process.

Of course, it is impossible to claim that elections in the USA are perfect. There are many weak sides that reduce the quality of elections. To begin with, there is a popular vote in election process. A popular vote is a method of selecting a politician among several candidates. People give their votes to their candidate and the candidate who receives the biggest number of votes wins.

This system is the simplest and the most popular in the world. However, our country has the Electoral College. This body is supposed to be more influential than the results of a popular vote.

The Electoral College is a specific body that resembles the US Congress. Every state has the definite number of electors who vote for the definite candidate. The number of electors depends on population of the state. There were many cases when a candidate won in a popular vote but lost the election process because of the influence of the Electoral College.

In this case, we can say that the US election process is unfair. It is not right that a small group of electors support their candidate in spite of the fact that the majority of people support another politician. Of course, these electors are supposed to represent the general opinion of their state, but very often, their point of view is completely different.

Election process in the USA is a delicate matter and it has its advantages and disadvantages. In the majority of cases, people are satisfied with the quality of their electoral system.

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