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LNAT Questions – Essay Advice

This page has free LNAT questions and advice for LNAT essays.

LNAT essays should be 500 words minimum to 700 words maximum.

This equals 2 to two and a half pages on the computer screen.

You will get 40 minutes to write your LNAT essay.

LNAT Questions for Essays – Scoring

Your LNAT essay response will not be marked as such.

So, you won’t receive a score for your essay.

Different universities use the LNAT essay for different admissions purposes.

LNAT Questions – Free Samples

LNAT essay questions will be in the form of either a question or a statement.

Here are some LNAT essay questions for you to practise:

  • Should public transport be compulsory in certain areas?
  • Being fair to the community is more important than being just to the individual. Discuss.
  • Make the best argument you can for full government funding of undergraduate education.
  • “Everyone would benefit from doing a stint of manual labour.” Do you agree?
  • Animal rights should be sacrificed when human life might be at stake. Discuss.
  • Should the government do more to encourage people into the teaching profession?

Information on our LNAT Practice Tests and Essay Writing Guide

LNAT Practice

Doing LNAT practice questions is a great way to prepare for your LNAT test. Ideally, you should complete as many LNAT questions as possible to practice implementing a rock solid LNAT strategy.

LNAT practice questions and LNAT strategy should be viewed as two halves of one complete preparation approach. If you focus only on doing questions, you may miss out on some fundamental techniques that could dramatically improve your performance. However, if you only consider LNAT strategy, you may struggle to apply it under exam conditions.

There are two types of LNAT question: verbal reasoning questions and essay questions. You will need to practice both. In order to learn more about what those sections entail, you should read our LNAT Overview. But in terms of practice, where should you start?

LNAT Practice on The Lawyer Portal

The Lawyer Portal has created one of the most sophisticated LNAT Question banks there is. This allows you to complete LNAT practice questions on a perfectly realistic platform that simulates the LNAT test. You also will be able to carefully monitor your scores and progress.

To take the test, visit our LNAT Practice Questions page here.

LNAT Practice Elsewhere

To practice LNAT questions now, we recommend using the LNAT Practice Test Simulator on the official LNAT website. Work your way through these, while trying to apply LNAT strategies from our website, or, preferably, our half-day LNAT Workshop.

Still Stuck?

Take a look at our LNAT Success Series!

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