Year 1 Homework Games 3

Year 3's Homework Timetable

MondayReading and completing reading journals (at least 20 minutes)
TuesdayHandwriting /Spellings
WednesdayReading/Grammar Practice Sheets (listed below)
ThursdayTimes Tables Practise Sheets/ Weekly Maths Test Sheets (listed below)
FridayTopic Question / Research   Spellings

Any additional pieces of homework will be posted below, including Friday topic questions. 

As well as following the timetable above, the children are encouraged to read regularly at home and practise their times tables and spellings as often as possible.

Please use the web links below to play online games which will reinforce and develop knowledge and understanding.

  • Direction Can you direct the aeroplane using compass points?

  • Shape MissionProperties and nets of 3D shapes...can you complete the mission?

  • Time GamesGames to play to practise reading and telllng the time (by the end of year 3 you are expected to read the time to the nearest minute on an analogue and digital clock)

  • Hit The ButtonQuick recall of number bonds, doubles, halves and times tables

Maths- Times Tables/ Weekly Maths Practice Tests

Maths Weekly Practice Tests

Web Links

Below are web links to some great sites. These will help reinforce and enhance the learning taking place in our classroom this year.

  • 3D shapeHow quicly can you find the pairs?

  • Maths GamesHave fun playing games developing your mathematical understanding

Year 3 Spelling List

  • 1. Suffix ing.doc
  • 2. Suffix ing - one syllable.doc
  • 3. Suffix ed-one syllable.doc
  • 4. Suffix er-one syllable.doc
  • 5. Suffix tion.doc
  • 6. Suffix tion.doc
  • 7. Suffix ly.doc
  • 8. Suffix ly.doc
  • 9. Prefix un, dis, mis.doc
  • 10. Prefix in, il, ir.doc
  • 11. y sounding i.doc
  • 12. ou sounding u, ow, oo.doc
  • 13. ei, eigh, ey sounding a.doc
  • 14. sure, ture, tch.doc
  • 15. Irregular tenses o to e.doc
  • 16. Irregular tenses i to a.doc
  • 17. Homophones.doc
  • 18. Homophones ai, a-e.doc
  • 19. Homophones ee, ea.doc
  • 20. Homophones st, ssed.doc

Year 3 Grammar Practice Sheets

Maths Prompt Sheet- Work being covered in class

Year 3 Games

Game ScreenGame NameGame descriptionRatingNuReY1Y2Y3Y4Y5Y6
christmas light up! make the christmas tree glow!      
catch for christmas! make the christmas tree glow!      
Monkey Banana leading the monkey to the banana            
threeLittlePigs_v4 Make a house for the 3 little pigs          
Game ScreenGame NameGame descriptionRatingNuReY1Y2Y3Y4Y5Y6
Earthquakes!! Watch out for tremmors!      
match the flag World flag game  
Barnaby Bear Weather Weather around the World With Barnaby Bear            
Dragon's Den          
Game ScreenGame NameGame descriptionRatingNuReY1Y2Y3Y4Y5Y6
Find Egypt Explore Egypt              
Easy Giza! Explore the pryamids!              
Egypt timeline Timeline through Egypt's past              
Egyptian Gods How many Gods did Egyptians believe in?              
Count in Egyptian Egyptian Number System              
How Egyptians Wrote How Egyptians used to write things down              
How to make a Mummy Self Preservation, dont try this at home kids!              
Egyptian Jigsaw Solve the Ancient Puzzle              
Find The Pharoe Wordsearch from the past!              
Ancient Egypt Adventure artifacts from egypt game with museums and mummies!              

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